Diciembre 05, 2008

Dos formas de trabajar

The story setting took place at a railway where some men were working hard under the sun. A beautiful private train came by, and a man shouted from inside the train in excitement:

- “Hey Old Jim! Is that you?”

Old Jim who was working there replied:
- “Hi Joe! That’s me alright!”
- "Jim why don’t you come in here for a cup of coffee?”

Jim hurried in with joy as the sun was hot and he wanted to get into the aircon cabin of this beautiful train. After about an hour or so, Jim came out with Joe and they hugged as old friends would and parted there. When the train left, the people around asked Jim:

- “Hey Old Jim, isn’t that Joe Murphy, the president of our railway?”

- “Sure he is, we have been friends for 20 years now. In fact, we know each other since the day we came together to work in the railway on our very first day.”

- “What?! How is then that he is now the President of the Railway, while you are still working here?”

- “The answer is very simple. On the first day that we came to work, I came to work for $3.50 per hour, but Joe Murphy came to work... for the railway.”

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