Mayo 02, 2008

Formas de ver las cosas: siempre hay al menos dos...

...y son tan opuestas.

The Swedish professor decided it was time his ten-year old Asian student learned a bit about sports. So he took the boy to watch a volleyball match. He explained:

- "As you can see, one team is in red uniforms, the other team is in blue uniforms. One of the players on each team strikes the ball over the net to the other team, keeping the ball within those lines. The object is to have the ball fall and hit the ground on the other side".

The boy was silent for some time, pondering what he had been told. Finally, he responded in measured tones:

- "I have seen a sport like this before with my people. But we play it a little differently. Both teams wear the same color uniforms. They too strike the ball over the net, but the object is to keep the ball off the ground as long as possible. When the ball does hit the ground on one side, the team from the other side runs over to the person responsible for not keeping the ball in the air. They give him a hug for support and then return to their side to continue the game".

Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama, enjoyed his lesson.

Via: Mark Albion

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