Diciembre 26, 2009

Ante la duda, fuera

As an editor, nothing made me happier than sticking my nose into the magazine's design. I'd stand behing Patrick Mitchell at Fast Company and watch him design the cover. After he'd finished, we'd always have the same discussion:

- "Couldn't you add one more thing?" - I'd ask. "It's missing something".
- "Like what?" - Patrick would ask back.
- "I don't know" - I'd say. "Maybe another color? One more touch?"

- Patrick would say. "You know that point where you're designing a page and you're about to add one more thing?".
- "Yes", I'd say.
- "Don't".

His message was always the same: when in doubt, leave it out. Less is more and more is too much.

Fuente: Rules of Thumb, Alan Webber (founder of Fast Company magazine)

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